Learn on your level with fun and dedication

Beginners and intermediates receive German classes on every level at Alemania

Alemania is a school specializing in the German language. This gives beginners as well as students of the diploma course well-prepared lessons. All our courses are taught by language teachers who can competently address and teach at the appropriate levels. From level A2 on, you can complete each level with a telc examination and receive a certificate. 

We have all German courses for your success  

From A1 to C2, Alemania offers you all levels according to the European Framework of Reference for your business and social life.

German Level A1 - Beginners

Sublevels 1-3

On this level you learn how to express yourself in every-day situations. You will learn to use and understand basic sentences.  You will be able to introduce yourself in simple words and already understand many people, if they talk to you slowly and clearly.Further information about the German course A1 

German Level A2 - Intermediate

Sublevels 4-6

After the German course A2, you will be able to understand und apply sentences and expressions that are often used in everyday life. You will already be able to master many every-day situations. To describe or understand basic information is no longer a problem for you.Further information about the German course A2 

telc exam Start Deutsch 2

German Level B1 - Upper-intermediate

Sublevels 7-9

People who have a clear way of speaking are now your favorite conversation partners, because you will notice how well you understand them verbally. Most situations in everyday life and travel are now no longer an insurmountable hurdle, but rather an oaccasion to communicate in many familiar situations. Further information about the German course B1 

telc exam B1

German level B2 - diploma course

Sublevels 10-13

Complex topics and texts are easily understood. You are ready to speak spontaneously and fluently. On this level you will be able to communicate flawlessly with native speakers. Improper pronunciation and complex sentences are not difficult for you anymore. Further information about the German course B2 

telc exam B2

German level C1 - diploma course

Sublevels 14-17

Demanding and complex texts are easily understood on this level. Expressing yourself spontaneously and fluently is easy for you without having to search for words. You apply the German language flexibly and in a well-structured manner at your job as well as in your private life. Further information about the German course C1 

telc exam C1 / C1 Hochschule

German level C2 - diploma course

Sublevels 18-20

You understand every German word and sentence effortlessly on this level. You are also able to summarize and report on complex topics. A fluent pronunciation and vocabulary on mother-tongue level is no obstacle for you anymore. Further information about the German course C2 

telc exam C2