Alemania is eduQua certified

eduQua is a Swiss certification system for the endorsement of further education institutes. It was created to guarantee the quality of further education courses. Institutions recognised by the organisation are allowed to advertise with the eduQua quality certificate.

The eduQua certificate provides customers with a guarantee for the overall quality of further education institutions, in the form of a quality seal. In many Swiss cantons, the eduQua certificate is considered to be a prerequisite for public funding.

The 6 EDUQUA quality criteria are:

  • The courses must fulfil both the necessary educational criteria and the expectations of the customers

  • The participants should be equipped for sustainable learning success

  • Transparent presentation of course itineraries and didactic concepts

  • In terms of value for money, efficiency and efficacy, the service should be customer-oriented

  • Engaged and competent teachers, who are familiar with new didactical methods and the latest advances in their field

  • Awareness of quality control and quality development

All Alemania branches work according to these criteria and have been awarded the seal of quality.