Learning tips for the successfull acquirement of the German language

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Practice, practice and more practice!   

After acquiring basic vocabulary the best way is still: practice, practice, practice!! Your language skills will improve much faster if you are able to only use German for a period of time.

Unfortunately, many foreigners in Switzerland tend to associate  with people from the same language. Of course, this can offer comfort in a foreign environment, but it hardly improves your language skills. Ideally, you should read Swiss newspapers, watch Swiss TV and listen to Swiss radio programs. And, naturally, seek contact to Swiss people as much as possible - even a short chat with the baker or your neighbor helps!


Additionally, you should avoid trying to handle just the grammar at first. A grammatically perfect German is desirable, though anything but easy. And a perfect conjugation of all verb froms will contribute little to your communication skills at first! So you have to overcome the shyness and just babble on it, even if it sounds horrible at the beginning!   


A good tool to expand your vocabulary is the loud reading of texts or the loud repetition of a given specification. For example, you can repeat the TV presenter. It is not even that important if you understand every word. Alone the loud speaking is enough to get your brain used to the new phonetics. You will be amazed how quikly you suddenly adopt certain words and phrases in yor own vocabulary.


Homework is an integral part of a language course and must be done attentively, be it learning the words or creating the grammatical exercises. Homework is important. Anyone who slays here quickly falls behind in a class and loses interest in learning. 

By the way, here as well applies: loud speaking during the tasks makes learning easier and increases the quality of the learning enormously. 

Intensive language courses

We have found that most participants run quickly out of air during a daily language course of serveral hours a day. The euphoria of the first few days quickly disappears when you have to deal with hours of homework every day in addition to the many hours of study every day. One should also note that a shorter course day might rather allow to miss a class. On the other hand, a course day of many hours a day makes it difficult to catch up in case of absence. Therefore, for most people interested in learning applies: preferrably less hours a week, but over a longer period, than an intensive course with many hours a day, which might be canceled after a few weeks.      


Passive learning  

Swiss television is a good way to improve speech understanding. Watching TV is free and offers a "natural" (and, above all, fast) language as heard on the street. The more one sees and hears, the faster one will pick up extra words and phrases. You will be surprised how much and how easy it is to learn through this kind of "passive learning." 

Private lessons

Alternatively, you can take private lessons in our language school, be it to catch up on a group course or just to get on better. A good teacher can significantly speed up the learning process. When choosing the teacher, you should make sure that you can cope with their teaching style and that you feel comfortable. One should not be afraid to tell the teacher from the beginning what yo want and how you imagine certain aspects.

Language exchange (tandem) 

An interesting and free alternative is a language exchange in which you practice especially conversation. To do this, you meet with a person who wants to learn the other mother tongue and converse alternately in both languages. Of course, this is also a great way to meet new people and friends.

There is a bulletin board in our school where anyone, who is looking for a tandem partner, can register. The arrangement  of a tandmen partner is, of course, free.

German course

From beginner to C2 level German courses, literacy course and conversation trainings: At Alemania Deutschschule you can easily learn German.

German test

Take here your selftest “German placement test” and get an overview over your German level. You can also come by directly at our schools in Zurich, Bern or Lucerne to take the German test.


Learning German should be fun. It is even more fun with our welcome-discount. As a new student*, you receive in Zurich and Bern CHF 100.00 as a gift for booking your first German course with us.

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