German course B2

Improve your German with system and fun

All our German courses are methodically and systematically structured. Thereby, we guarantee lessons of quality that you need for your future private and professional plans. Alemania Deutschschule is eduQua-certified and our examinations are wordwidely acknowledged. The B2 German course is part of our diploma courses and finishes with a telc examination if you want. Our teachers are experts and prepare you entirely for it. So as not to miss out any fun, our courses also include social events, such as movie nights followed by a round table led by a teacher. We also offer city tours and other cutlural events where you can apply your knowledge in a practical way.

What goals can be achieved in the B2 German course?

The goal of this course is to be able to understand and talk about complex contents of books, newspapers or that you read on the Internet. You also understand expert discussions about your area of expertise. Of course, you are now able to express yourself fluently and spntaneously. This makes conversation with native German speakers easy. To provide detailed information, to express one's own opinion or to express oneself to daily questions, is possible without great effort. 

How to start a B2 German course

All participants must complete a German placement test before booking a course. This test is free of charge. Afterwards, we can assess your German language skills and determine your level for the right German course. We also offer you a free trial lesson to start with a course. 

Placement test and trial lesson German course B2

Placement test

In a short self-test, you can get an initial overview of your German language skills.

Online self-test    Placement test at our school

Free placement test & course entry

At the Alemania Deutschschule, yo can attend a free trial lesson to convince yourself of our competent teachers. Yo can join any time already ongoing courses as soon as we have determined your German level.

Course variants & dates

Intensive German course B2 - Day course

Course dates German B2 day course

German course B2 - Evening course

Course dates German B2 evening course

German course B2 - Saturday course

Course dates German B2 Saturday course