German course A1

Learning German on level A1

Description German course A1

With an intensive German language course A1 you can learn German quickly and inexpensively. In this daily course you have two hours German lessons every day and you can integrate what you have learned directly into your everyday life. From the grammatical structures to basic knowledge of the German language, you will learn to  understand and speak. If you understand everyday situations and want to quickly assert yourself in them, then a German A1 course is the right thing for you.

What you get from the A1 German course

  • Intensive German lessons with a trained and professional teacher in a German A1 course group.

  • Many field-tested exercises at German level A1 for self-study.

  • A pleasant and activating learning atmosphere as well as regular tests to track your progress.

  • A guided excursion to the most beautiful sights in our city.

  • A sociable and educational movie night followed by a discussion is offered to your class by interest.

Content and Learning Objectives A1

Listening comprehension German course A1

  • I can understand German if a person speaks clearly and slowly with me. Long breaks give me the time to grasp the meaning of what has been said.

  • I can understand directions how to get to a certain destination on foot or by public transport.

  • I can understand the time, prices and numbers. 

Speaking skills German course A1

  • I can introduce myself and other people. I can ask people questions about them. These include, for example, questions about place of residence, age or about things that they own.

  • I am able to answer questions about me.

  • I can communicate in a simple way if the conversation partner speaks clearly and slowly helps me to understand something.

Reading comprehension German course A1

  • I understand personal information such as place of residence or age in a newspaper article.

  • I can understand short and simple messages, for example via Whatsapp.

  • I understand short and simple written directions.

Writing skills German course A1

  • I can provide personal information, such as age, occupation, place of residence or hobbies on questionnaires.

  • I can write birthday wishes to someone.

  • I can write simple sentences about myself and and record where I live and what I do.

Requirements and trial lessons A1


You have little to no language skills and are motivated to learn German? Additionally, you are willing to spend time doing homework? With us you complete a  free placement test so we are sure that the A1 German language course is the right language level for you.

With this short self-test, you can get an initial overview of your German language skills.

Online Self-test    Placement test at our school

Free trial lesson & course entry

At the Alemania Deutschschule, you can attend a free trial lesson to convince yourself of our competent teachers. You can always join any ongoing courses as soon as we have determined your German level.

Course variants & dates

German course A1 - Day course

Course dates German A1 day course

German course A1 - Evening course

Course dates German A1 evening course

German course A1 - Saturday course

Course dates A1 Saturday course