Why us?

Some of the benefits of Alemania German tuition

  1. Specialisation

    Our exclusive devotion to German language tuition enables us to concentrate on what is best for you: inexpensive and effective German tuition.

  2. Transparency

    Our information policy is transparent. The course expenditure will be displayed every month and charged accordingly. At Alemania, an hour of tuition lasts the full 60 minutes. There is a generalised fee for course material but the school does not charge registration, course transfer or cancellation fees, for example. The placement tests and trial tuition sessions in existing classes are free of charge.

  3. Competence levels

    You will be taught systematically and assigned to a group suited to your level of competence. We provide 40 German courses for more than 500 students every day. We are capable of providing every level of competence.

  4. Combinations

    All of our courses are of a modular construction and can be combined with each other. Our beginners course takes place every day: every day as an intensive course, twice a week as an evening course and once a week as a Saturday course. This broad selection of possibilities facilitates a flexible learning process by enabling students to swap courses when the need arises.

  5. Teachers

    Our tutors are competent specialists and trained teachers, all of them are mother-tongue German speakers. Our tutors are subjected to stringent quality controls, and are regularly obliged to take part in seminars and further training.

  6. Reference framework

    Our courses correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We use standardised course material which is constantly being updated to correspond with changing demands.

  7. Course size

    An average of 9 students per course affords the maximum learn/price ratio.

  8. eduQua-Certificate

    eduQua is a Swiss certification system for the endorsement of further education institutes. It was created to guarantee the quality of further education courses.

    The eduQua certificate provides you with a guarantee for the overall quality of Alemania, in the form of a quality seal. In many Swiss cantons, the eduQua certificate is considered to be a prerequisite for public funding.

    All Alemania branches work according to these criteria and have been awarded the seal of quality.

  9. Learning advice

    You will receive free individual learning advice during and after the course. Our reception and advisory staff speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

  10. Exam

    Students can choose to sit globally-recognised exams from the Goethe Institute or telc after course completion. All students will receive a performance-related certificate from Alemania after course completion.

  11. Cinema evening

    Our cinema evenings, with a subsequent moderated discussion, promote both comprehension and conversation. These evenings are subject to demand.

  12. Cultural events

    Our cultural excursions, which will be offered, where appropriate, in conjunction with particular courses, are designed to familiarise the student with the main sights of Zurich, Bern or Lucerne. These activities facilitate integration into the new environment.

  13. Client-friendly

    We are a client-friendly institute. We acknowledge individual needs and approach problems with sensitivity and flexibility. Our students are treated like partners who need to be cared for and nurtured.

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